Mega Diamant

Diamond wire technology

With the experience gained in over twenty years, Mega Diamant products are among the most popular and highly appreciated in the stone industry. The company offers a wide selection of high quality products and  an excellent range of services in line with the needs of the customer.

Our Business

Diamond Wires, Beads, Quarry Equipment

The main product of Mega Diamant is above all  DIAMOND WIRE, assembled to perfection by highly qualified  staff. Mega Diamant also produces many  different  types of diamond beads, which  can be produced in various ways  according to  customer needs.

What We Do

We offer a series of customized services

A wide choice of products, components and a high degree of customization make our services effective and  versatile. On customer request Mega Diamant, in collaboration with the Department of Geology of Pisa University, can provide stone testing.